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Grassy Field

Get outside with us

PE class for homeschoolers

Fall & Spring Semesters

Kids need to play!

Our goal is to get kids outside, moving, competing, and having fun! We teach students new sports and skills, and take it back to some of the classic games we played as kids ourselves. Upstate Homeschool PE gives homeschoolers the opportunity to play organized games, make new friends, and stay active on a weekly basis.

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Cracked Concrete Wall

Dina, Greenville

My 2 boys look forward to their PE class all week - it is the highlight of their week! Not only does Aubrey have fun out there with the kids, she also teaches them skills in a variety of sports, warm-ups, proper form and stradegy. My boys wanted nothing to do with flag football before this PE class (mainly because they knew nothing about it), now it is their favorite! They have learned so much, and the teamwork and friendships they are forming are priceless!

Cracked Concrete Wall

Bruce, Wellford

Aubrey is an excellent PE teacher who makes each session educational, fun and safe. She helps the kids warm up with simple age appropriate exercises, followed by games that are fun but still teach physical skills. At the end there is a cooling off and encouragement session. Everyone is a winner in her classes.

Cracked Concrete Wall

Amber, Gaffney

I enrolled my daughter into Aubrey’s PE class last year mostly for socialization due to us moving from another state to SC. My daughter is awkward and shy around others and I wasn’t sure she would like this class for that reason. I also thought maybe it would be silly and what could this young woman actually teach or do with my child every week to keep her interested and entertained? Well……my daughter loves this class. She looks forward to it every week. There’s always something new that Aubrey’s doing with the kids and she’s so kind and interacts so well with them. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made since moving to SC.

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